CiLCA Training

CiLCA is a foundation qualification for local council officers and others working with local councils, awarded at Level 3 of the National Qualifications framework (NFQ).

The Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA) will help you to become more aware of the law and procedures for local councils and helps you work with the planning system.  It checks that you can manage the council's activities, its finances and community engagement.

In England, a CiLCA-qualified clerk helps the council gain the general power of competence and a Quality or Quality Gold Award. 

CiLCA helps your council achieve standards of good practice and builds the reputation of local councils in a fast changing world. 


'Clerks should be in post for at least 1 year before undertaking CiLCA training.  Prior to that CAPALC offer 'Clerks: The Knowledge' which provides solid background training for new clerks whilst they gain experience in the work place.  If you feel you have good reason to train for CiLCA before being in post for 1 year please speak to the CEO who can advise'.

CiLCA Training - Spring 2021

CAPALC will be offering 4 training sessions on the following dates delivered via Zoom in Spring 2021. 

Trainer: Penny Bryant

Cost: £400 

Day 1 - Wednesday, 14th April - 0915 til 1230

Day 2 - Wednesday, 12th May - 0915 til 1230

Day 3 - Wednesday, 16th June - 0915 til 1230

Day 4 - Wednesday, 14th July - 0915 til 1230 


CiLCA Training - Autumn 2021

CAPALC will be offering 5 training sessions on the following dates delivered via Zoom in Autumn 2021.

Trainer: Diane Bayliss

Cost: £400

Day 1 - Wednesday 8th September - 0930 til 1230

Day 2 - Wednesday 29th September - 0930 til 1230

Day 3 - Wednesday 20th October - 0930 til 1230

Day 4 - Wednesday 24th November - 0930 til 1230

Day 5 - Wednesday 15th December - 0930 til 1230

For further Information please contact the CAPALC office at

To book onto one of the above sessions, please visit our booking website -