Environment and Sustainability

The climate, community resilience and sustainability has become important topics for our residents.  With the UK Government passing a law that carbon emissions will be net zero by 2050 the pressure is on local councils to look more at what they can do for their communities.  Residents are keen to be in their open spaces more and many have reconnected with nature to grow their own crops or wish to see more wildflowers, butterflies and bees.



CAPALC is keen to help find you information which can help form decisions you may need to make when considering:


  • declaring a climate emergency;
  • reducing the use of single-use plastics;
  • protecting important public open spaces, gardens, parks, etc.
  • creating community gardens, orchards, wildflower meadows;
  • making council owned buildings as energy efficient as possible.

Both NALC* and LGA** have pages dedicated to Climate Change and links to these can be found opposite.  There is a useful document from LGA which helps guide local government after declaring a Climate Emergency.


Local Councils' powers to address or reduce climate change: existing powers and future opportunities


*NALC: National Association of Local Councils

** LGA: Local Government Association