Locum Clerk Service

There are times when Councils require a locum clerk to cover unexpected circumstances for example to bridge the gap between a clerk leaving and the new clerk starting, illness or other reason.  Perhaps your Council may need help with a backlog of work, new project or as the temporary RFO?

Whatever your requirement we will do our best to help you with an experienced qualified locum Clerk. 

Please contact us via email with the details below and give as much information as you can.

Your name, council, position on the council
Your contact details
Locum period (if known) and start date
Number of hours per week
Outline of work required (If you are unsure we can discuss your options)
Place of work
Access to council computer (if any)

Interested in joining our list of Locum Clerks?

We are expanding our database of experienced and CiLCA qualified clerks who are available to work on a temporary basis, if you are interested please contact the ceo@capalc.org.uk