Support Cambridgeshire

Support Cambridgeshire is a partnership between Hunts Forum, Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service and Cambridgeshire ACRE.  Recognising the need for greater cross-working and the ability to provide a high-level offer to charities, village halls and parish councils.  Support Cambridgeshire helps community groups and organisations to strengthen and grow, providing a range of advice, training and support.

Local Council Development Plan

The  Local Council Development Plan 2017-22 was compiled by Cambridgeshire ACRE in consultation with CAPALC and the Cambridgeshire branch of the SLCC as well as with local council clerks and councillors, the voluntary sector and district and county councils and is based on the first survey of clerks and councillors in Cambridgeshire.

Local Council Development Plan 

Service Directory

The directory of services for Cambridgeshire Town and Parish Councils outlines the different services provided by local and national support organisations and local authorities for town and parish councils.

Town and Parish Council Service Directory