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Calling all new Town and Parish Councillors, CAPALC are offering a range of training courses over the next few months to help you get to grips with your new role!

Training & Events September 2018

To book on a course please use the links below, different charges apply to non-member councils. For further information please email

Finance & Transparency Training Courses 6th September 2018 (Thursday) Venue TBC

Budgeting and Finance Control 

Budgeting & Finance Control (3 hrs 10 am—1 pm) Cost £40

Recommended for: Officers and councillors that want to get to grips with preparing and managing a budget.

Session overview:

This session is aimed at those involved in preparing, approving and monitoring budgets, as well as those involved in the day to day financial management of a council.  Topics include: 

  • Setting a budget and precept
  • Using spreadsheets
  • Inflation
  • Contingencies and reserves
  • How the council tax base affects the budget
  • Budget monitoring
  • Financial management
  •  Internal control

 Session benefits: By the end of this session you will:

  • Understand how and when to prepare a budget
  • Know how to approve and issue a precept
  • Be aware of the factors that affect a budget
  • Understand how to manage a budget
  • Be aware of the need for internal controls

Contracts and Procurement 

Contracts and Procurement (3 hrs 2pm—5 pm) Cost £40 

Recommended for: Anyone involved in procuring goods and services, preparing tenders or entering into contracts on behalf of local councils.

Session overview:

This session is an introduction to the basics of procurement for local councils – inviting quotes, producing specifications and tender documentation, achieving competition and value for money, managing contracts.

Topics include:

  • EU procurement thresholds
  • Basic terminology and steps involved in procurement
  • Estimates, quotes and tenders
  • Producing a specification
  • Quality and value for money
  • Advertising, including Contracts Finder 

Session benefits: By the end of Contracts and Procurement you will:

  • Be aware of EU procurement thresholds
  • Recognise when you must advertise on Contracts Finder 
  • Understand how to produce a specification for what you want
  • Understand the basic terminology and steps involved in procurement
  • Be able to ensure your procurement achieves value for money

Finance & Transparency Training Courses 7th September 2018 (Friday) Venue TBC

Introduction to VAT

Introduction to VAT (3 hrs 10 am—1 pm) Cost £40

Recommended for:

Clerks, Finance Officers, councillors on finance committees and councillors who wish to develop their knowledge in this area. Essential for any council contemplating major building projects.

Session overview:

This session explains how VAT affects local councils, with practical exercises to help develop your understanding. Topics include: 

  • how VAT law applies to local councils
  • where to find the law and guidance
  • the difference between business and non-business activities
  • understanding whether sales are taxable or exempt from VAT
  • when a council must register for VAT
  • when VAT can be reclaimed
  • Partial exemption
  • the VAT implications of building projects (including option to tax)
  • Reclaiming VAT when using grants and donations 

Session benefits: 

By the end of this session you will:

  • Know where to find the relevant legislation and guidance
  • Understand the key concepts of VAT
  • Know when a council can or can’t reclaim VAT
  • Recognise when a council must register for VAT
  • Be aware of activities that require special attention


Councillor Training

The Councillor training that we attended was excellent, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day and learnt a lot. The facilitator’s knowledge was excellent. Lunch wasn’t bad either! 

Councillor Training 
12th September 2018 - Session 1 - 7pm
19th September 2018 - Session 2 - 7pm
26th September 2018 - Session 3 - 7pm

Location: CAPALC Office
Lakeside Lodge Health Club, Fen Road, Pidley, PE28 3DF
Cost £35 per session per attendee Member Councils £70 per session per attendee Non-Member Councils

Download your booking form here:
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Clerks: The Knowledge Thursday 13th and Thursday 20th September

Brilliant! Many thanks. As a new clerk I came away from this course inspired and motivated to ensure correct procedures are in place!

This two day course will be held on Thursday 13th and Thursday 20th September 2018 from 10.00am - 3pm

Location CAPALC Office

Lakeside Lodge, Pidley, Cambridgeshire. PE28 3DF.  

Cost £200 per attendee member councils; £400 non-member councils

Your ticket is valid for both days. Registration is from 9.30am.

The course covers the essential information to allow new clerks as well as those who have been in post for a short while, to find their way around the legislation, processes and procedures of town and parish councils.

The Knowledge September 

Future Training Dates

October 2018

Transparency & Audit 2nd October 2018 2pm - 5 pm

Finance for Councillors 2nd October 2018 7pm - 9 pm

Finance for Clerks and RFOs 3rd October 2018 10am until 3 or 4pm